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In this video, you will complete your presentation by updating slides to provide supporting information and your closing pitch.

Finishing your marketing pitch on a strong and positive note will make an impact on potential clients and investors.

Describing how your business is specialized, through technology or otherwise, shows how it will be well-suited for today’s marketplace.

Providing a final summary allows you to focus on all of the positives you will bring to those who work with you.

To begin, go to the next slide.

If your business does something in a unique way, mention it here.

Using specialized technology or techniques to run your business can make it more efficient and reliable.

A dog walking business, for example, might not mention technology, but it might talk about licenses, training, or payment plans.

You can adjust the size or format of the text to better suit your details.

Include any specializations that might separate you from your competition and make your business desirable to customers, clients, and investors.

The next slide is for your revenue model.

Sharing this could be useful if you are making a pitch to investors.

However, you can also remove the slide if it does not fit your purpose.

The final slide of your marketing pitch presentation presents your value proposition.

This is a statement that summarizes the value your business will deliver to clients and investors.

Include the name of your business in your value proposition so clients and investors will remember it.

And use persuasive language to convince your audience that your business is worth supporting.

Now, it’s your turn: Update your specialization slide, delete the revenue slide, and add your value proposition.


  1. Update your specialization slide.
  2. Delete the revenue slide.
  3. Add your value proposition.