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In this video, you will update the theme of your marketing pitch presentation to fit the purpose of your business.

A marketing pitch presentation is an opportunity for you to make your business look polished and successful.

Updating the theme of your presentation can help you do that.

By changing the theme, potential investors or clients can better connect the presentation to your business and its purpose.

To begin, open your marketing pitch presentation.

Then, explore the themes that are available to use.

You can select a presentation that matches the brand you are creating.

Choose one that fits your business and its purpose.

Then, view your presentation to see how it looks.

Some of the slides might look different with the new theme.

Slide formats often change when you change themes.

You can reformat your slides or try a different theme.

For each theme you try, go through your slides again.

Stop at any slide that needs adjusting.

You might need to make text larger, such as the slide headings.

Since each theme has its own color scheme, you could change the color of some text as well.

Continue updating your slides. You want to make sure all of your details are easy to see and understand, so your marketing pitch presentation looks professional for your audience.

Now, it’s your turn: Change your presentation theme, and update the formatting in your slides.

Choose an Extension
Change the Theme to Fit Your Business

Update the theme of your marketing pitch presentation to fit your business.

Add Speaker Notes for Your Pitch Presentation

Add presenter notes to support your marketing pitch presentation.

Create a Marketing Pitch Presentation Handout

Create a printable handout of your marketing pitch presentation for audience notes.


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