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Add Speaker Notes for Your Pitch Presentation

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In this video, you will add speaker notes to support your marketing pitch presentation.

When you present your pitch in front of potential clients or investors, you want to be well-prepared.

Using your presentation will give you an advantage because your audience will be able to see all of the details of your business.

To make your presentation even more effective, and to feel more prepared, you can add notes to use during your presentation to support what your audience is seeing.

To begin, open your marketing pitch presentation.

Then, add speaker notes to your first slide.

You will be the only one to see your notes, so keep them simple and clear.

Your notes can contain prompts to remind yourself to say something specific.

But not every slide needs a note.

If you want to explain something on one of your slides in more detail, such as how your business will roll out one of its services, you can leave a note.

You can plan to pause your presentation at any point.

Indicate that in your notes.

For example, you might want your audience to look at something not in your presentation, such as your resume or a revenue plan.

You may need to use industry-specific language in your presentation.

Add notes to explain any terms that might be unfamiliar to your audience.

If you have any images that require an explanation, you can explain them.

Any explanations that you are unsure of remembering can be briefly summarized here.

When your notes are complete, practice sharing your marketing pitch presentation with a friend, colleague, or family member.

Using the presenter view will allow you to see your notes as you practice.

Now, it’s your turn: Add notes to your slides, and practice your presentation.

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Add Speaker Notes for Your Pitch Presentation

Add presenter notes to support your marketing pitch presentation.

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