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In this video, you will update the first four slides of the template.

These slides are dedicated to helping your audience better understand your business and what it stands for.

When you create a marketing pitch presentation, the first step is to introduce potential clients or investors to your business.

You want your presentation to represent the ideas and details that will make your business effective, unique, and profitable.

To begin, title your presentation with the name of your business.

Then, add a subtitle.

This can be your business’s tagline, which is a memorable statement or slogan that helps define your business and its mission.

Next, update your mission statement.

This is a brief statement that expresses the ultimate goal of your business.

For example, a coffee shop could have a mission to provide the best quality coffee in town.

In the next slide, describe the problem that your business addresses.

The problem might be one that your industry is facing.

Or it could be a more local problem that you hope to solve.

If you are able, provide data to reinforce what the problem is and why it exists.

This will help show your audience why your business is relevant.

Using dates and numbers in your data can make it easier to understand and give it more credibility.

Graphic elements in your slides can make the information more appealing.

If you do not have data that fits here, it is okay.

You can add it later.

Or you can delete anything on the slide that you will not use, such as the bars.

When you use a template, you can change it in any way that will make your presentation look the way you want it to.

In the next slide, describe how your business is positioned to solve the problem.

Give specific details about what your business will do to make it an improvement over its competitors.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a title and subtitle, and update the mission statement, problem, and solution slides.


  1. Add a title and subtitle.
  2. Update the mission statement, problem, and solution slides.