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3. Add Information About Your Business

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In this video, you will update the next four slides of your marketing pitch presentation.

You will remove slides that you will not need and use the others to give your audience more insight into how your business will function.

Potential clients and investors will want to know who will be running your business and exactly what your business will do.

Understanding the structure of your business can help your audience feel confident about how it will be organized and operated.

To begin, go to the next slide to introduce your business team.

The people you highlight in this slide should be the ones most responsible for running your business.

If your business is small, you might only include yourself, but you do not necessarily have to include photos of your team.

If you do, photos can make your presentation feel more personal.

You can add photos from your Drive...

...or Photos...

...or you can upload them from your computer.

Then, add information about your team members.

Briefly highlight the expertise and experience of each member.

The next slide in the template is titled Milestones.

This slide notes significant moments in the company’s development, such as when your company began, as well as goals you are working towards, such as a certain revenue goal.

If you do not plan on using this slide, especially if your company has just begun, you can delete it.

The Appendix slide can provide additional information your audience might want to know.

You can use it to anticipate questions they might have.

Or you can delete it.

Your next slide lays out the simplified steps that your business will take to satisfy its customers.

This can give your audience a basic overview of your business from beginning to end.

Update the details for each step.

Be clear and concise with your descriptions.

You do not have to include every detail for each step.

Now, it’s your turn: Update the Team slide, delete the Milestones and Appendix slides, and update the How it works slide.


  1. Update the Team slide.
  2. Delete the Milestones and Appendix slides.
  3. Update the How it works slide.