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In this extension, you will add a new sheet to your spreadsheet to create a grocery list for a meal.

Adding a grocery list to your spreadsheet helps you to plan meals in advance, which means you are more likely to prepare a successful meal.

You can access the list on your device at the grocery store, which ensures you will purchase all the food items you need so you will be prepared when you begin to cook.

By linking sheets to each other, you can easily navigate your spreadsheet to find information that’s related quickly and easily.

For example, you might link a meal of spaghetti and meatballs to a grocery list that includes noodles, ground beef, and tomato sauce.

To begin, create a new sheet in your spreadsheet.

Adding a sheet to your spreadsheet lets you assemble other information about your subject together in one place.

Name the new tab.

Then, add a column heading for your meal in bold.

If you have a recipe, check it to find the ingredients you will need.

Or, search online for articles or recipes about preparing this type of meal.

This will help you identify which food items you will need to buy and how much of each item to get.

Add the ingredients to your column.

Wrap the text.

When you are done listing food items, select the cells that contain your list.

Then, get a link to the range.

The link is copied to your clipboard and ready to use.

Return to your meal plan sheet.

Find the cell you want to link your new column to.

And link your column to the cell.

Your link takes you directly to the column you just created in the new sheet.

Choose an Extension
Apply Alternating Colors

Use alternating colors to make their spreadsheet text easier to read.

Assign Action Items with Comments

Assign action items in a comment for a task and send a message to the helper.

Plan a Grocery List in a New Sheet

Add a new sheet to their spreadsheet to create a grocery list that they can link back to a meal


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