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In this extension, you will assign an action item to a member of your household.

Usually, you assign action items to someone else as part of a group project.

In a digital spreadsheet, you can use comments as a way to assign action items and communicate with your group.

To start, choose a task to assign in a comment.

For example, if you are in charge of preparing tomorrow night’s dinner, you could ask someone to help cook a vegetable.

Then, insert a comment in the cell that relates to your request.

Assign it to the email address of the person you are asking.

And send your comment.

Your assigned comment sends an email to the recipient informing them about your request.

Your recipient can also find the task you assigned by opening the spreadsheet and clicking on the highlighted cell.

They can then reply to your request.

Assigning tasks in a comment is one way to make your digital spreadsheet more interactive.

But you can customize cells in your spreadsheet in other ways.

You can: Create a reminder...

Link to a website...

Or add a note.

Choose an Extension
Apply Alternating Colors

Use alternating colors to make their spreadsheet text easier to read.

Assign Action Items with Comments

Assign action items in a comment for a task and send a message to the helper.

Plan a Grocery List in a New Sheet

Add a new sheet to their spreadsheet to create a grocery list that they can link back to a meal


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