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In this extension, you will format your spreadsheet with alternating colors to make it easier to read.

Adding fill colors to your rows and columns creates a background that makes your text stand out.

First, open your spreadsheet.

Then, select your entire sheet.

Find Alternating Colors in the Format menu.

Now, choose a style to apply background colors to your spreadsheet.

Select a default style...

Or choose a custom style to give your spreadsheet a unique look.

Notice how the new background colors make it easier to line up the cooks and meals in your plan.

Choose an Extension
Apply Alternating Colors

Use alternating colors to make their spreadsheet text easier to read.

Assign Action Items with Comments

Assign action items in a comment for a task and send a message to the helper.

Plan a Grocery List in a New Sheet

Add a new sheet to their spreadsheet to create a grocery list that they can link back to a meal


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