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In this video, you will create a list of household members as task owners for each meal.

A team effort can be more successful when task owners are assigned, because team members share the work and responsibility of getting a job done.

First, decide which members of your household are able to prepare a meal.

You might include a parent, grandparent, babysitter, sibling, and yourself.

Only include family members who are old enough and are available to handle the task.

For example, you probably wouldn’t expect a five-year-old to cook for the family, but it might be something a ten-year-old could do.

Select your cook column.

Then, use data validation to create a dropdown list of household members who will share cooking responsibilities.

After you have added the names of people from your household, add an option for everyone to the criteria list.

The everyone category means everyone prepares their own meal for themselves.

Then, save your list.

Now, add your list of cooks for the remaining meals of the day.

Copy the dropdown list you created...

And paste it to the other meal columns.


  1. Decide who in your household can cook and is available to cook a meal.
  2. Use data validation to create a dropdown list of cooks.