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Now that you have identified who is able to cook, you will assign them a meal to make.

To start, plan your weekday breakfasts.

If most members of your household need to be on their way to school or work early in the morning, you might not have enough time to cook or eat a meal that requires a lot of preparation.

For busy times of day, you might assign everyone the role of providing a quick breakfast for themselves.

Do most members of your household bring a lunch from home to work or school?

Assign 1 person the responsibility of preparing and packing lunches.

Or, share those duties with others on your list, depending on their schedule.

Assign cooks for your remaining breakfast and lunch meal slots.

Preparing the dinner meal might require more time than a take-along lunch or a light breakfast in the morning.

Try to divide tasks evenly and include household members of all ages, even if it’s only warming up leftovers.


  1. Assign cooking tasks to available household members.