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7. Create a Weekly Meal Plan in Google Sheets Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you created a weekly meal plan in a spreadsheet to assign cooking tasks to people in your household.

Using a digital spreadsheet to assign tasks gives everyone a chance to contribute to a system or process.

And it makes organizing information and collaborating much easier.

As you created your meal plan, you… Created headings for the days of the week, the meals, and the cooks...

Used data validation to create a dropdown list of the names of your household members...

Assigned cooking tasks to household members...

And shared your plan with your teacher or classmates so they could add their meal ideas to the spreadsheet.

By creating a shared plan, you collaborated with a group to get a task done.

And you used digital formatting tools to help your group easily add and update information.

Knowing how to organize information in a spreadsheet can help you keep track of information you need for projects at home, school and work.

You might use a spreadsheet to: create a budget...

manage team projects...

track your income and expenses...

or compare the cost of colleges.

The possibilities are endless when you know how to use a spreadsheet.

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