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In this video, you will add meal ideas to your spreadsheet.

To start, create a breakfast list for weekdays.

If everyone is responsible for getting their own breakfast, choose simple items that are easy to grab and go.

Wrap your text to fit in the cell.

Next, plan at least 3 different weekday lunches.

Search online for healthy weekday lunch meal ideas.

Or, include ideas for lunches that you have brought to school or work.

Add your weekday lunches.

It’s okay to repeat the 3 meal ideas you created for other weekdays.

Then, add one of your favorite weeknight dinners to the plan.

Or search online for dinner recipe ideas.

Try to include one night for meals that are easy to prepare, such as leftovers, especially if one of your cooks is a younger brother or sister.

Keep adding meals until your meal plan is complete.


  1. Add meal ideas to your plan.