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In this video, you will set  up and format your cookbook.

When setting up your cookbook, you can  customize it to look the way you like, and organize it to make it easier for you to use.

To begin, add a title to the cover slide.

You can title it anything you like.

Then add a subtitle - you might want to include  your name and the date you started the cookbook.

Next, choose a theme for the cookbook.

Pick a theme that relates  to your recipes in some way, or that expresses your personality and tastes.

You might choose a theme that is  serious, fun, simple and understated, or that uses your favorite colors.

Most paper cookbooks are organized in  sections by category for the type of recipe, such as main dishes, salads, side  dishes, desserts, and others.

You can add category divider slides to your  digital cookbook to organize it by recipe type.

To create category dividers, add a new  slide with a layout to your presentation.

Apply the section header layout to your slide.

Type the name of the category on the slide.

Now, add more category divider slides so you  have at least two categories in your cookbook.

You can add more later if you want to.


  1. Add a title and subtitle to your title slide.
  2. Apply a theme to the presentation.
  3. Add at least two new slides using the section header layout.
  4. Type the name of the category on each slide.