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In this extension, you will publish your digital  cookbook to the web to share with a wide audience.

This way, your friends and family members  can see and use your recipe collection too.

Before you get started, it’s  important to understand that publishing your presentation to  the web makes it a public document.

So, take a moment to consider if there  is anything in your slideshow that is private or that you wouldn’t want everyone to see.

Once you are comfortable with the content  of your presentation, publish it to the web.

There are several options to choose from, such as: Link which gives you a URL  address to share with people; and Embed, which will paste the actual slideshow  into a web page, blog or social media site.

For this lesson, choose Link.

Next, choose how fast you  want your slides to advance.

For this example, every minute is selected.

However, the viewer will still have control over  playing and pausing the slides whenever they like.

Now, choose how the slideshow starts, either  automatically when it loads, or manually.

In this example, choose manual to  give the viewer more control over moving through the cookbook at their own pace.

You can also program your presentation to  repeat again once the last slide has played.

When you have finished selecting  options, publish your presentation.

Copy the link...

and paste it into a new tab  in your browser to view your presentation.

When you’re ready to share  it, return to the publish menu and email the link to your  family, friends, or others.

At some point you might need to  unpublish your presentation from the web.

For example, you may want to make  changes to your presentation.

You can unpublish it from the web, make  changes, and then publish the file again.

Or, you may decide that you want to unpublish it  from the web for a period of time or permanently.

When you publish your cookbook  to the web using Google Slides, you can reach a much wider audience.

You can embed it into a website, blog,  or share the link on social media.

Choose an Extension
Add Images to Your Cookbook

Add images of your recipes to make your digital cookbook visually appealing and interesting to look at.

Add a Table of Contents to Your Cookbook

Add a table of contents using a bulleted list with clickable links to your recipes, categories, and subcategories.

Publish Your Cookbook to the Web

Publish your digital cookbook presentation to the web to reach a wider audience.


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