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Add a Table of Contents to Your Cookbook

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In the main lesson, you created a  digital cookbook with Google Slides.

In this extension, you will add a  table of contents using a bulleted list with clickable links to your recipes.

Adding an interactive table of  contents will make it easier to navigate your cookbook to find exactly  the recipe you need, when you need it.

If you’re not sure what you want to make  and just want to browse a certain category, you can go directly to the main category,  or subcategory just by clicking on its name.

To begin, open the cookbook  you created in the main lesson.

Add a new slide after your title slide.

Choose a layout that has a lot of empty space so  you’ll have plenty of room for your recipe links.

Give your slide a title.

Next, add a bulleted  list to your slide.

A bulleted list allows you to create  an organized look for your table of contents.

Type the first main category of your cookbook.

On the next line, increase  the level of the indent.

Type the name of the subcategory.

Then, on the next line, increase the level of  the indent and type the name of the recipe.

On the next line, decrease the level  of the indent of the bulleted list.

Type the subcategory name.

Then indent the next line and type the  name of the recipe from that section.

Repeat these steps to add the rest  of the contents of your recipe book.

Now, add a link to your first item listed.

Choose the slide you want to link to.

Continue to link the other  categories, subcategories, and recipes to their appropriate slides.

Each of these will become  a link that, when clicked, will take you directly to the corresponding slide.

Think of this as an interactive table  of contents for your digital cookbook.

Then, check to make sure that the  links go to their correct slide.

Choose an Extension
Add Images to Your Cookbook

Add images of your recipes to make your digital cookbook visually appealing and interesting to look at.

Add a Table of Contents to Your Cookbook

Add a table of contents using a bulleted list with clickable links to your recipes, categories, and subcategories.

Publish Your Cookbook to the Web

Publish your digital cookbook presentation to the web to reach a wider audience.


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