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5. Create a Cookbook in Google Slides Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you used Google Slides to  compile and organize a digital cookbook.

Having a digital cookbook makes meal  planning and preparation much more efficient.

And when you want to cook your favorite  recipes, it’s easy to find them!

To organize your cookbook, you: Created a title slide and applied a theme...

Added slides to create category dividers...

Added slides for recipes...

Added subcategory slides...

then arranged recipes into their  respective categories and subcategories.

And finally, you previewed your cookbook.

Cookbooks in slide form are convenient  because they’re easy to organize.

You can quickly find recipes you need, easily add  new recipes, or remove recipes you don’t like.

When you try a recipe, take notes about  what you liked or didn’t like using the presentation’s Speaker Notes section.

If an ingredient needs to be added or removed, just make a note to remind yourself  for the next time you make the recipe.

Use your new skills to make  cookbooks for different purposes.

For example, you could collect  your family recipes, or help a class or other group make a shared cookbook.

Create useful and unique cookbooks for all kinds  of purposes to make meal preparation easy and fun!

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