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4. Arrange Slides and Create Subcategories

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A cookbook that works best for busy lifestyles  has recipes that are easy to find quickly.

In this video, you will arrange your recipes  into easy to use sections by category.

To begin, rearrange the slides so that  they appear in the sections you set up.

You can also rearrange the slides to appear  in alphabetical order within the sections.

As you continue to add more recipes, you  can organize your cookbook even further by adding subcategory divider slides.

For example, you can divide "Main Dishes" into "Meat Dishes" and "Vegetarian Dishes", if  that makes sense for your collection.

Change the background color  of your subcategory slides to make them stand out from the main  category section divider slides.

Then, move the recipes to their  corresponding subcategory.

Now, preview your slides  in Present mode to see how your cookbook looks  when your presentation plays.


  1. Arrange slides to move them to their respective section.
  2. Add at least two subcategory divider slides and change their background color.
  3. Move recipes into the subcategories.
  4. Preview your presentation.