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3. Add and Format Your Recipe Slides

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Now that you’ve set up your cookbook, let’s  start organizing your recipe collection.

In this video, you will add at least  3 recipe slides to your cookbook.

You will type or paste a recipe onto  each slide, then format the text.

Some of your recipes might be  from a book or written on paper.

Others might be on a favorite cooking website.

You can use recipes from  your own favorite resource.

To begin, make the first recipe  slide after the cover slide.

You will move the slides into their  respective sections a little later.

Choose a layout for your recipe slide.

Type a title for your recipe.

Personalize the recipe by adding where you got it, to give credit to the recipe’s author, or  add a short comment on why you liked it.

Adjust the size of the text  to make it fit, if necessary.

Many slide layouts have one large text box.

To make your recipe easier to read,  consider resizing and moving the text box that’s already on your slide,  and then adding other text boxes.

For example, you might want to have separate  text boxes for ingredients and instructions, if that fits better on the slide.

Now, add recipes to your cookbook.

Type, or copy and paste your recipe text.

Type your recipe’s ingredients  in one of the text boxes.

To fit all of your recipe on the slide,  you may need to resize your text.

Select the text and resize it so  it fits better in the text box.

Then, in the other text box, type your  recipe’s instructions, step by step.

Now, format the recipe’s directions so that  it fits on your slide and is easy to read.

Keep formatting your recipe  to make it visually appealing.

Bold certain text, italicize  others or use different colors.

When your first recipe slide is the way you want  it, duplicate it to quickly add another recipe.

Just type or paste the title  and text of the new recipe so that it replaces the text of the first recipe.

Repeat the same steps for the name  of the recipe’s author, if necessary.

Now, delete the previous recipe’s text  and type or paste in your second recipe.

If your recipe has different  elements, such as a topping, sauce, or a filling, break up the  ingredient list with a heading.

Format your heading so that you  notice the change in the list.

Now, duplicate the slide  again to add more recipes.

Repeat the same steps as you  did with the previous recipe.


  1. Add a new slide with a layout.
  2. Resize, move, and add text boxes to slides.
  3. Type or copy and paste recipes onto slides.
  4. Format the text.
  5. Duplicate slides to make additional recipe slides.