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In the main lesson, you learned how to use digital collaboration tools to help you stay connected to your colleagues and work more effectively together.

These important skills have helped prepare you to be successful working at a business site “and” working from home.

In this extension, you will search online for jobs that you might like to apply for.

To start, go to

Search for jobs.

Type keywords in the search bar that describe your skill set or area of interest.

To make searching for jobs easier, Google Search finds job listings from all over the internet and collects them on one search results page.

Scroll through the results, and select a particular industry, if you like.

Or, use a filter to get more specific results Filter jobs by category ...

Or title.

Or, if you specifically want to see work-from-home jobs, filter by distance.

Continue applying filters to find the right job for you.

Good luck finding something you love to do!

Now, it’s your turn: Use Google Search to look for jobs, Filter your search to get more specific results, And choose a job to apply for.

Choose an Extension
Allow Meeting Guests to Modify a Calendar Event

Give someone permission to modify an event in your calendar.

Invite Someone to an In-Progress Video Call

Learn how to invite someone directly to the Hangout and Chat, in case you want to add someone last minute.

Direct Message Multiple People

Learn how to add multiple people to create a group Chat.

Turn On and Off a Chat History

Learn how to how turn chat history on and off.

Create Subfolders in Google Drive

Create a folder within a folder and change sharing settings in Google Drive.

Work from Home or On-Site with Google Job Search Tools

Use Google Search to search for a job.


Choose an extension to continue learning and improving digital collaboration skills. Each extension takes 5-10 minutes to complete.