Kick off the new school year with lessons from our Back to School 2022 collection to help students express themselves, build relationships, and stay organized.


  1. Select the digital collaboration skill you would like to learn.
  2. Watch the video and complete the activity that corresponds with the digital skill you are learning.
  3. Teach your new digital skill to a partner if you choose.
  4. Move on to Video 3 to continue the lesson.

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In this video, you will learn how to send a direct message through Google Chat.

A direct message is a private conversation between you and someone else.

Direct messaging, or “chatting,” is different from sending someone an email message because a chat conversation is less formal and quicker -- similar to having a discussion in real life.

Chatting is useful when you have a quick question, comment, note, or request that doesn’t require a lengthy email. Sending and receiving direct messages makes communication much faster so you get the answer you need right away.

To access Chat, you will need a paid Google Workspace account and to ask your domain administrator to enable Chat for your team. If you do not have a paid Google Workspace account, you can try it for free on a trial basis or choose another activity.

To begin, navigate to to start communicating with your network.

You can also download the Chat app to your device.

Then, start a new conversation with someone you need to communicate with.

In the chat window, write a short message.

Press Enter to start the conversation.

Next, adjust your chat settings for this conversation.

To receive an alert when the person responds to your message, turn on “Notifications.”

Use the emoji menu to send an emoji.

Or, attach a photo.

Add a message, if you'd like.

Great job direct messaging in Google Chat! Now, it’s your turn: Navigate to, Start a new conversation in Google Chat.

Type the name of a contact you would like to message, Write a short message, And practice using the chat settings and features.

Choose an Extension
Send a Direct Message Using Google Chat

Navigate to Gmail, open Google Chat, find a contact, send a message, and practice changing Chat settings.

Use Comments to Collaborate in Google Docs

Create and title a new document, type a few lines, add a comment, practice adding someone to the comment and sharing with them, edit the comment, and delete it.

Set Up a Shared Folder in Google Drive

Create and title a folder, practice adding a file, share it with a partner, adjust the sharing settings, and type a note to your partner.

Schedule a Meeting in Google Calendar

Use Google Calendar to schedule meetings and work collaboratively.