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In the main lesson, you learned how to add a video call to an event in the future.

In this extension, you will invite someone to chat over Google Hangouts when the meeting is already in progress.

This is useful if you are in a video call with a colleague and you realize you need information from someone else, have a request that requires their approval, or just want a different perspective.

To start, open your Google Calendar.

Go to the meeting you created in the main lesson.

Then, select join Hangouts.

To invite someone to a meeting already in progress, choose Invite people.

Type in their name or email address.

Do not choose your partner, as they already have the Hangouts link in the original event.

Pick a different classmate, friend, or family member -- or just practice with your own email address.

The person you added will receive an email notifying them that they are being invited to a meeting that is happening.

When they click Join, they will be able to join Hangouts after you approve their request to enter the meeting.

Nice work!

Now, you can add someone to a video call.

Having the input of many people can help make your meetings even more effective.

Now, it’s your turn: Open Google Calendar, Join Hangouts in your event, And invite someone other than your original partner to join the meeting.

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Choose an extension to continue learning and improving digital collaboration skills. Each extension takes 5-10 minutes to complete.