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In the main lesson, you learned how to create an event in Google Calendar and send an invitation.

In this extension, you will give meeting guests the ability to modify the event that you created.

Allowing someone to modify an event is helpful when another attendee may need to change the date or time because it doesn’t work for their schedule.

To begin, open Google Calendar.

Go to the meeting you created in the main lesson.

Then, select “edit.”

Change the guest options to “modify event.”

Good job! Now your meeting attendees can adjust the event if they need to.

Now, it’s your turn: Open Google Calendar, Open your event, And change the guest options to “modify event.”

Choose an Extension
Allow Meeting Guests to Modify a Calendar Event

Give someone permission to modify an event in your calendar.

Turn On and Off a Chat History

Turn chat history on and off.

Create Subfolders in Google Drive

Use subfolders to organize files in Google Drive.


Choose an extension to continue learning and improving digital collaboration skills. Each extension takes 5-10 minutes to complete.