Kick off the new school year with lessons from our Back to School 2021 collection to help students express themselves, build relationships, and stay organized.

1. Introduction to Communicate With Your Team Using Google Chat

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Google Chat is a powerful application that allows you to communicate at work quickly and securely . With Google Chat, you can: Start a message with one or more coworkers, customers, or partners; Create a room for ongoing conversations with groups of people, and Use bots to help automate your work.

Chat works in your computer browser, in a desktop web application, in gmail, and in mobile apps.

Chat keeps all your messages in sync no matter which devices you use, even if you switch between them.

In this lesson, you will: Send direct messages to a colleague or small group of people, Create a room for ongoing conversations, Arrange your history so you can find important information, and Send files through Chat.

These tools can help you stay in touch with your colleagues, business partners, vendors or contacts.

To work on this lesson, sign in to your G Suite account.

Open a new tab in your browser, and navigate to

If you are not signed in, do so now.

If you do not have a G Suite account, you can try G Suite for free on a trial basis.

Then, navigate to to start communicating with your professional network.

Or, for a faster and more secure experience, download the standalone app to your device now.

Next, decide whether you want to see notifications when you receive a new message.

Now, it’s your turn: Sign in to your G Suite account, and Navigate to or download the standalone app.


  1. Sign in to your G Suite account.
  2. Navigate to or download the standalone app.