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In this extension, you will use bots to improve your organization’s communication in Google Chat. Bots can help you connect to customers and contacts in a conversational format.

They use machine learning to help customers find valuable information, schedule meetings, or complete tasks. To use bots in your work, you will: Find bots that can help your work, Add them to direct messages and rooms, Chat with the bot to find useful information, And get help to do more with the bot.

This video was created with sample bots. The bots that are available on your platform may vary based on your organization’s access and settings.

To begin, open Google Chat.

Navigate to the Bots side panel, and access the Bot catalog.

Review the available bots to find one that can enhance your work.

Featured bots may directly apply to your work. For example, your organization may include an administrative bot to help you request time off or inquire about feedback.

G Suite bots can enhance Google applications. For instance, the Google Drive bot will communicate with you about any changes to your cloud storage. You can view popular bots in the catalog.

These bots help users improve their communication.

Choose a bot that will improve your workflow and communications.

Next, decide whether to message the bot directly or add it to a room. If you message the bot, you open up a direct line of communication between you and the bot.

If you add a bot to a Room, it will remain available for communication in that communication space.

To learn more about how the bot can assist you, ask for help. In a direct message between only you and the bot, enter “help.”

Remove a bot if you prefer to stop using it.

Or add more bots to enhance your communication!

Now, it’s your turn: Find bots that can help your work, Add them to direct messages and rooms, Chat with the bot to find useful information, Get help to do more with the bot, and Remove the bot from your room.

Choose an Extension
Use Chat Bots to Automate Your Work

Use machine learning virtual assistants, called bots, to automate your communication in Chat.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Chat More Accessible

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate Google Chat’s accessibility features.

Manage Data Privacy in Chat

Manage what information you see and store in Chat. Edit and delete messages, hide conversations, and block users.

Chat with External Users

Chat with someone who belongs to a different organization.