6. Send and Open Attachments

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In addition to sending text through email, you can also add attachments.

In this video, you will learn how to send different items as attachments.

A resume would be attached as a document...

...but you can also attach other files, like photos.

For example, maybe a potential buyer has emailed you about a chair you’re selling, but they would like to see a photo of it first.

For this lesson, you can attach a document or photo you have in Drive or on your computer or phone...

...or, click on the link next to this video for a sample document that you can practice using as your attachment.

Download the document to your computer.

When you click Download under the File menu...

...it gives you many different options.

It’s best to choose PDF for many attachments because it’s secure, meaning it cannot be changed.

The person who receives your email can also open the PDF using a number of free applications available online, and it will look the same as when you created it.

Next, go back to your inbox and click Reply to the message again.

Type a message.

Then, attach your document from your Downloads folder Your screen may look different from what you see here, but the Downloads folder is usually in the same general place.

The file name will include '.PDF' at the end.

Your attachment will show at the bottom of your email.

When you’re ready, send the email.

Go to your inbox...

...and click on the unread message.

Click on the attachment to open it.

Sometimes, you may receive an email where you are unable to open the attachment or don’t have the program you need to open it.

It’s best to contact the sender if this happens so that you don’t miss anything important.


  1. Download the link next to this video as a PDF.
  2. Attach the document to an email.
  3. Send the email.
  4. Open the attachment.