7. Keep Track and Organize Emails

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So far, you’ve been practicing this lesson with one email.

But in the future, you will probably have multiple emails in your inbox, so how do you keep track of all of them?

When your inbox gets full or you just want to organize it better, there are a few things you can do to find the emails you need.

First, you can search for them.

To do this, return to your inbox and click in the search bar.

If you know the subject line of the email you’re looking for, you can search by that...

..and you can also search for contact names or keywords within the email.

Follow the same process to search for emails in other folders, like your Sent or Drafts folder.

Click on the folder first, thentype a keyword in the search bar.

Note that when you search in a particular folder, it will only return items in that folder.

Sometimes, an email may come in that you want to find easily in the future.

Click on the star icon next to the email to mark it as Important.

This makes it easy to see these emails in your inbox.

To see all of your most important emails in one place, click the Starred folder.

To keep your inbox manageable, archive messages that can leave your inbox but you don’t want to delete.

Any messages you archive will be moved out of your inbox and into a folder called All Mail.

When you’re sure you don’t need an email anymore, put it in the trash.

Click in the box next to the email and then click the Delete icon.

If you made a mistake in putting something in the trash, don’t panic!

Just click on the Trash folder and find the email.

Click in the box next to the email...

...and then move it back to your inbox.

Know that if you put something in your trash folder, it will delete automatically after thirty days.

So as your inbox gets bigger, don’t worry if you lost an email.

Just search for it until you find it!

See the extension following the lesson for other ways to organize your inbox.

Now, it’s your turn: Practice searching for emails in different ways, Mark emails as important, Archive an email, And put an email in the trash.


  1. Practice searching for emails in different ways.
  2. Mark emails as important.
  3. Archive an email.
  4. Put an email in the trash.