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Schedule an Email to Send for Later

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Not all emails need to be sent right away.

In this extension, you will schedule an email to send at a later date or time.

There are many reasons why you might want to schedule an email.

Perhaps you are preparing a job application email on the weekend but want to make sure it arrives in the employer’s inbox on Monday morning.

Or maybe you have an important meeting or an interview with a potential employer and want to confirm it right before the meeting or interview.

To start, return to your inbox and begin composing a new email to yourself that you’ll schedule.

Remember that you’re just practicing so the email could be about anything.

Add a greeting and first line.

Remember that you should get to the main point right at the beginning...

...and be polite and professional.

Now, decide on a future date or time when you would like to schedule delivery.

For example, if your email is about a meeting confirmation, you may want to schedule the email to go out the day before.

Then, choose the Schedule Send option.

If you don’t see the date or time you want from the default choices, select Pick Date and Time.

Then, choose the date and time you would like your email to send on.

Your email will live in the Scheduled folder until its scheduled delivery date.

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Schedule an Email to Send for Later

Schedule an email to send at a later date or time.

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