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Tips for Professional Emails

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Writing an email is a convenient way to send a message, and knowing how to send professionally written ones is an essential skill in today’s world.

Think of writing an email as writing a letter, not a text.

When you text a friend, you might use acronyms and incomplete sentences or even misspell a few words.

But a letter is much more purposeful and communicates a complete thought or request as directly as possible.

You would also use a formal greeting and closing in a letter.

First, write more formally than you would a casual email to a family member or friend.

Include a subject line, greeting, body, and closing in your email.

As you write, also think about who you are writing to, what you will ask or the point you will make, and what result you would like to achieve with your email.

You wrote a professional email in the main lesson, but now you’ll practice writing a few more using the tips you just learned.

These are just ideas.

Feel free to use your own topics.

Now, return to your inbox and send the first email to yourself...

...and the second.

Great job.

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Tips for Professional Emails

Learn tips for writing professional emails and practice writing more emails.


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