8. Communicate Using Email Wrap-Up

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Today, knowing how to use email is an essential skill.

Email is fast and efficient and helps people communicate effectively in all areas of life.

In fact, it’s difficult to find an area of life where you don’t use email.

From workers sending emails to their supervisors or colleagues...

...to parents and guardians communicating with their children’s teachers...

...to job seekers inquiring about potential openings.

These are just a few examples.

In this lesson, you: Created a new email account if you didn’t have one already.

Added recipients and a subject line to an email.

Composed an email and sent it.

Replied to an email.

Sent and opened attachments.

And learned how to keep track of your emails.

As a result of this lesson, you learned valuable skills like how to use email every day and make the emails you write effective ones.

Of course, email isn’t the only method of communication you can use.

While emails are sent in seconds, sometimes people don’t respond in a timely manner.

When you need an immediate response, sometimes it’s better to just pick up the phone and call.

But most of the time, email is a great way to communicate in the workplace and in your personal life.

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Certificate of Completion

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