5. Preview, Edit, and Send Your Survey

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Now that you have created your survey, preview it to make sure you have covered each area that requires feedback.

A feedback survey is an important way to interact with your customers.

Your survey should look professional and error free.

Consider the flow of your questions. If you like, rearrange the order.

Perhaps add some additional questions...

...Or, delete questions that are less important.

Repeat these steps until you are satisfied with your survey.

Next, edit the settings to suit the needs of your business.

Your customers may not want to provide their personal information, especially if they have negative feedback, so avoid collecting their email addresses if you don’t need that information.

Survey respondents also may want to go back and make changes to their answers.

You probably don’t want to let them see other customers’ surveys because it could affect their responses.

Select the option to be notified by email when you receive a new survey response.

Reading the feedback as soon as it is available enables you to make changes to your business promptly.

Before sending your survey, share it with your class partner or a friend to get feedback.

This can be useful for identifying typos or confusing questions.

Once you incorporate any feedback from your friend or partner, add a confirmation or thank-you message, and send your survey via email.

If you’re working in a classroom setting, send it to the entire group to get a variety of responses.

If you’re not in a class, send the survey to your friends and family to complete.

Or, take the survey yourself at least 3 times, providing different answers.

The more survey responses you receive, the better you will able to understand and address your customers’ needs.


  1. Preview your survey.
  2. Rearrange the order of questions, if necessary.
  3. Add or delete questions.
  4. Edit your settings.
  5. Send your survey.