3. Add and Format Survey Questions

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In this video, you will explore different question formats in Google Forms, choose the best format for your questions, and finalize your survey questions.

With Google Forms, you can include different types of survey questions to get feedback that is relevant to you.

Some options include: Short answer...

...Multiple choice...

...Check boxes...

...and Linear scale If you are selling a product, you might ask questions about color, size, and quality.

If you want customers to comment on satisfaction criteria, the check-box format enables them to click all answers that apply.

For a tool or gadget, you could ask about sturdiness or ease of use.

For this, you might use a linear scale question.

This lets users rate satisfaction on a numbered scale, such as from 1 to 5.

Labeling the ends of the scale clarifies which are positive and which are negative.

In a “short answer” format, you can ask about the ordering, payment and shipping experience.

Use the question formats that suit your needs.

Select a format for each question you listed in your brainstorming session.

Use the format suggested by Google Forms, or choose another from the dropdown menu.

Include the options for possible answers, as well.

Add and format any additional questions to complete your survey.


  1. Select the best format for each of your survey questions.
  2. Add and format three-to-five additional questions.