1. Introduction to Promote Your Business with Flyers

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In this activity, you will create a flyer to advertise your product.

Flyers are an effective and inexpensive way to promote your business and attract customers.

As you prepare to create your flyer, you will brainstorm the best ways to express the value of your product or service.

You will research best practices in flyer messaging and design.

Using Google Drawings design a logo for you business and add it to your flyer.

Then, save your file for printing.

To start, create a flyer design brainstorming document.

This will contain important information about your business, product or service.

Open a new tab.

Then, use the apps menu to open Google Docs.

Start a new document.

Title it “Flyer Design Brainstorming,” and, move on to the next video.


  1. Open a new blank document, and title it “Flyer Design Brainstorm.”