2. Brainstorm Information for Flyer Advertisement

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In this video, you will brainstorm content for your flyer.

To create an effective flyer, you need to decide what information to include.

A brainstorming document helps you explore your options and then narrow down the best ideas.

Open your Flyer Design Brainstorming document.

Type a title at the top, and center it.

Change your cursor to left-alignment.

Then, start listing the basic information about your business.

Include the name, contact information, and web address.

Next, add a section for the messaging that will go on your flyer.

Consider what you want to say about your product or service.

Include what you sell, how your products are made and what materials you use.

List the reasons your customers should use your product or service, such as “best price,” “wide selection,” or “free shipping.”

Think of a compelling, memorable slogan that describes your business.

Come up with at least 3 options.

Brainstorming your flyer’s content forces you to think about your product -- and its strengths and weaknesses.

It also saves time by deciding these things before you get to the design phase of your flyer, when making changes is more difficult.

In the next video, you will research business flyers to see what types of messaging and what styles of images work best.


  1. Open your Flyer Design Brainstorming document, and add a title.
  2. Create a list that includes your business name, its web address, contact information, and messaging.
  3. Write at least three slogan ideas.