4. Register an Account to Sell Your Product or Service

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In the last video, you researched and selected an online marketplace for your business.

In this video, you will open an account, create a profile, and list a product or service.

Go to the welcome page of the website of your choice, and locate the prompt to Register or Join.

Fill out the registration form, and create a password.

You may need to retrieve a confirmation number from your email account.

When you have established your account, create your seller profile.

This may include the name of your online business, as well as information you would like to share with your customers about the business, products, or services.

Refer to information you collected under the Online Store Requirements section of your document.

Set up your preferences, such as the language, shipping information, and the types of payment you accept.

You may have to provide payment information -- such as an online payment service -- so the website can collect its fees for listing your products.

Now, list your first product or service for sale.

This process may start with uploading several relevant photos.

Again, follow the site’s requirements.

Write a description for your product or service.

Include relevant information including size, color, price -- anything that your customer would want to know about the item.

If you are unsure about what price to charge, the online marketplace may help.

Some websites feature a calculator that suggests a retail price based on the time and materials needed to make a product or service.

You can use this tool to help you establish fair and competitive pricing.

Also, compare your product or service to similar items sold at other stores.

Next, compare the retail price of your product or service to the fees charged by the website.

This lets you calculate your potential profits.

You have chosen an online marketplace, opened your store, and listed items for sale.

You have an online business.


  1. Open an account with the online marketplace that best suits your product or service.
  2. Complete your seller profile.
  3. List an item for sale.