1. Introduction to Create an Online Store to Sell Your Product or Service

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An online store is a great way to sell products and services without the expense and responsibility of managing a physical retail location.

Maintaining your business online enables you to reach a wider audience.

In this activity, you will brainstorm how customers will use your product or service and identify the most appealing features.

For instance, someone offering in-home tech support would have a different approach to their online business than someone selling car organizers.

Maximize your online exposure by brainstorming a list focused on your specific product or service.

Then, research the pros and cons of different websites to find the best 1 for your business.

You will create your own online store by: To start, open a new blank document, and title it “Online Store Brainstorming.”

With an attractive product offering and the right sales platform, your online store will be a key part of your business success.


  1. Open a new blank document, and title it “Online Store Brainstorming.”