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1. Build Your Online Business Wrap-Up

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In this unit, digital applications helped you start an online business.

These included documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms.

Using these tools you validated a business idea and figured out how to create an online business.

As you completed these projects, you adopted successful online business practices.

You researched and tested your product or service to make sure it was viable.

You marketed your offerings to the appropriate audience.

You chose the right sales platform.

You promoted your business to make it more visible to your customers.

You paid close attention to budgeting, inventory, and profit margins.

And, most importantly, you listened to your customers, so you could make adjustments and improvements when necessary.

Whether you sell products, such as floral centerpieces or homemade bookmarks, or services, such as lawn maintenance or closet organization, the strategies you learned in this unit will help you achieve success.

Building an online business takes hard work and planning.

The skills you practiced and the tools you built will help you and your business get off to a strong start.

Best of luck with your new online business!

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