Build Your Brainstorming Team with Google Forms

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Brainstorming with a group enables you to generate many ideas, identify important details, and build off of each other’s input. It’s important to include people on your team with different personalities, backgrounds, and experiences. This enables you to see a situation from many perspectives and think more creatively.

It’s also important to include team members who have different interests. An effective brainstorming session typically has a facilitator, a timekeeper, a notetaker, and a researcher.

Your group members will be more engaged if they enjoy their role during the session, so try your best to assign roles that fit each person’s skills or enable them to try something new. In this activity, you will use Google Forms to build a team and assign roles based on each group member’s interests and skills.

Google Forms help you collect input from others’ online. Their form responses will offer insight into their interests and backgrounds. This is useful information to have before building your team and assigning roles. As you create your Google Form, you will: Title your form, Add questions, Email the form to your group, and Collect answers online.

To begin, sign in to your Google account and open Google Drive.

Then, create a new Google Form.

Name your form "Brainstorming Group".

Add a form description beneath the title. Explain the purpose of the form so your respondents know why they are filling it out. Add a short answer question for your respondents to share what makes them unique, whether it’s where they’re from, their interests, or their school or work background.

Make the question required. Respondents will have to answer the questions in order to complete the form.

Add another question. This time, make it a drop down. A drop down question allows your respondents to choose from a list of options.

Fill in the question text to find out which role they would enjoy the most.

Duplicate the question, and change the text to find out which role they would enjoy the least.

Add a multiple choice question to better understand your respondents’ skills and strengths.

When you are done adding questions, preview your form to make sure it looks the way you want it to look and doesn’t have any errors.

Then, email it to your group members.

Once everyone has filled out the form, view their responses to help you build a team and assign roles that match their interests.

If multiple people request the same role, you could allow them to partner up, or assign it to one person, and the other person for a future brainstorming session. Now it’s your turn: Create and title a Google Form Add at least 4 required questions to understand each person’s background and interests Email the form to your group, and Review their responses to build your team.

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Build Your Brainstorming Team with Google Forms

Use Google Forms to build a diverse team and assign group roles.

Share Your Materials in Advance

Use Google Drive to share and organize ideas from a brainstorming session.

Conduct an Icebreaker

Use Google Docs to record ideas from your group brainstorming session.

Send a Calendar Invite for Your Meeting

Use Google Calendar to invite others to attend your group brainstorming session.

Put Your Ideas Into Action with a Google Spreadsheet

Use Google Sheets to organize action steps for members of a brainstorming group.

Use Checkboxes to Complete Tasks in a Google Spreadsheet

Use Google Sheets to keep track of tasks and goals for your brainstorming group.