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9. Extensions: Brainstorm Ideas in a Group
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Try the extensions below.

Choose an Extension
Build Your Brainstorming Team with Google Forms
Use Google Forms to build a diverse team and assign group roles.
Share Your Materials in Advance
Use Google Drive to share and organize ideas from a brainstorming session.
Conduct an Icebreaker
Use Google Docs to record ideas from your group brainstorming session.
Send a Calendar Invite for Your Meeting
Use Google Calendar to invite others to attend your group brainstorming session.
Put Your Ideas Into Action with a Google Spreadsheet
Use Google Sheets to organize action steps for members of a brainstorming group.
Use Checkboxes to Complete Tasks in a Google Spreadsheet
Use Google Sheets to keep track of tasks and goals for your brainstorming group.
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Choose an extension to learn more ways to brainstorm in a group.