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7. Brainstorm Ideas in a Group Wrap-Up

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In this activity, you used a brainstorming method to generate ideas with a group. You then selected your top ideas together. You: Selected an example scenario and shared a Google document with your group, Selected a brainstorming method with your group, Brainstormed ideas using a Google Spreadsheet, Google Drawing or Google Document.

Then you selected the top ideas by either: Highlighting a row within a Google Sheet, Bolding the text in a Google Drawing, Or creating a new header and bulleted list in a Google Doc.

The digital skills you learned in this video will lead to new ideas, help you work through problems, improve your creative thinking, and increase collaboration with team members.

While group brainstorming is a great way to generate ideas with a team at work, school, or in your community, you can also use these skills to develop and prioritize ideas for: An event you’re planning New activities to try with family or friends, Personal projects or hobbies Or volunteer efforts Have fun using these tools and skills to think of creative new ideas as a group!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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As a teacher, you can print a blank template.