6. Write a Business Plan Wrap-Up

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In this lesson you created a basic business plan in Google Docs.

Writing and organizing the information in your plan helps give you a clear understanding of your company’s product, customers, strengths, and competition.

It also helps you turn your ideas into a successful and profitable business.

First, you created and named a document for your business plan.

Then, you added a business description that explained your mission statement, philosophy, goals, target market, industry, and legal structure.

You included details about your products or services, including market need, competitive advantages, pricing, and market information.

You researched and analyzed your competition to see where and how your business can compete.

You also highlighted your experience and demonstrated how it benefits your company.

And, you wrote an executive summary to introduce your plan, pitch your business idea, and generate excitement so people will want to learn more.

Throughout, you organized your document with a table of contents, headings, bullet points, and page numbers.

Writing your business plan helped you gain insight into your business model, target market, and competition.

It also helped you rehearse how to talk about your business with others, such as customers, employees, and investors.

It also enabled you to set goals and make plans for when and how to grow your business beyond the startup phase.

Business plans aren’t just for startups.

Continue updating and revising your business plan as your business grows and evolves.

Like your business, a business plan is a work in progress that can be a valuable planning tool at every stage of your venture’s growth and expansion.

Moving forward, you may want to seek expert advice from fellow entrepreneurs in your area.

SCORE has many resources to help you with planning and beyond.

Contact a SCORE mentor to get personalized advice and insights from experienced business professionals in your area.

Attend a SCORE webinar or live event in your community to learn about specialized ways to grow, improve, or reinvent your business.

Take SCORE interactive online training courses on a variety of small business topics.

Work through each session at your own pace and download helpful materials.

Or browse SCORE’s library of templates, E-guides, checklists, blogs, articles, and recorded webinars to find information on hundreds of small business topics.

Your business plan helps you control your business’s future, and SCORE resources are here to help.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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