Format Text in Your Business Plan

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In this extension, you will format the text in your business plan.

Formatting text by changing style, size, and color helps to call attention to different parts of your document.

You might use formatting to direct a reader to specific information or to remind yourself to update or revise a section.

As you format your text, you will: Change the font throughout your document, Use bold and underlining to emphasize your headings, Change the font color of your subheadings so they enhance the look of your document, And highlight text with a background color so you can go back and revise it.

To begin, highlight all of the text in your business plan, from the document title all the way to the last page.

Then, select a new font.

You might choose a font that you plan to use across your business materials, or a font that you like.

A business plan is a professional document, so choose a font that reflects your professionalism and your business.

Next, return to your table of contents.

Then, select a first-level heading.

Make the text bold and underline it.

This makes your headings more visible.

Format each additional heading of the same level to match.

Next, return to your table of contents.

Then, select a subheading.

Change the font color to make it fit with your body text.

Repeat this for all your subheadings.

Use the paint format tool to quickly copy your formatting onto other subheadings.

Then, highlight any sections that you’d like to come back to and revise.

Highlighting emphasizes text, so you can see what parts of your plan need additional editing or information.

Now, it’s your turn: Change the font in your document, Bold and underline your first-level headings, Change the font color of your subheadings, And highlight at least one section that needs additional editing.

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