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8. Extensions: Write a Business Plan
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Format Text in Your Business Plan
Format text to emphasize different sections of your business plan.
Add a Header and Footer to Your Document
Add headers and footers to include information about your company and the document.
Proofread and Share Your Business Plan for Feedback
Share your document with another person in order to request and receive feedback on your business plan.
Save Your Business Plan in Another Format
Download your business plan as a .pdf, .doc, or .txt file.
Determine Threats and Opportunities
Complete the SCORE Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis Worksheet to determine opportunities and threats.
Write an Elevator Pitch and Practice with a Partner
Write an elevator pitch to highlight key talking points for your business and practice talking about your business with investors and customers.
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Choose a project-based extension to learn more digital skills, revise and improve your business plan, and support business growth and profitability