3. Set Up Applications Spreadsheet

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In this video, you will set up a spreadsheet to record and organize information about each job you found in your search.

First, open your job search plan.

From a new tab or window, go to Google Drive.

Find the file in your Drive, or type “Job search plan” in the search bar.

Click to open.

Next, add a new sheet.

This adds a new sheet to your spreadsheet project. Rename the 2 sheets.

Name the first sheet “Plan”, and the second sheet “Applications”.

Next, in the new applications sheet, add column headings for details about the jobs you found.

Add a heading for the job position...

...company name...

...the salary, if it is listed...


...and the website URL so you can return to the listing.

Create additional column headings to help compare jobs, like any benefits or perks, or the distance from your home.

To move a column, select it.

Then, hold the mouse button down as you drag the column header to another place in the spreadsheet.

Adding visual elements can help you read the information in a spreadsheet more easily.

Change the format of the headings if you’d like.

Select cells or rows and select different fill colors...

...or change the font style, size, or color.

Adjust the formatting as needed.

Resize the columns or wrap the text so you can see all of the headings.

Finally, freeze the heading row so you can see it no matter how large your applications list becomes.

Select the top row.

Then, select Freeze from the View menu.

When you’ve finished adding headings to your Applications sheet, move on to the next video to continue searching for jobs.


  1. Open your job search plan and create a new sheet.
  2. Add headings for Job Position, Company Name, and Notes.
  3. Add additional columns if you'd like.
  4. Copy the formatting of the headings in your "Plan" sheet and paste it into the "Applications" sheet.
  5. Freeze the heading row in your "Applications" sheet.