6. Set Up an Email Alert for New Listings

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In the last videos, you performed a Google search about jobs you’re interested in.

Then, you recorded details about those jobs in your applications spreadsheet.

The job search can feel like a full time job in itself.

But with the help of a spreadsheet, the process doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming.

Performing an internet search every day and sorting through to find new jobs can consume your time -- time that you could be using to write your resume or go to interviews.

To save yourself time when searching for job listings, set up email alerts.

When you set an alert, you will automatically receive an email about new listings that match your search criteria.

To receive these emails about your job search, turn on alerts.

From your search results, click Get alerts.

Google job emails arrive once a day unless you change the settings.

To change the frequency of emails, open your alert settings.

Then, select whether you want to receive notifications instantly -- as soon as the new job is posted...

...or weekly -- to get fewer emails.

In a few minutes, you should receive your first email about the job listings you found.

Open your Gmail inbox to check.

From a new tab or window, select Gmail.

There it is.

Open the new email.

If you haven’t received a Google jobs email, but you did turn on alerts, continue checking your email periodically until it arrives.

Click Explore jobs to re-open the Google jobs page in a new tab and explore the new listings.

If you want to stop receiving these emails, turn the alerts off.

Open your jobs alert settings again.

You will no longer receive email notifications about this job search.

You can also manage or unsubscribe from an alert directly from the email.

From your jobs email, select Unsubscribe to stop receiving notifications for this search.

Or, select Manage alerts to change the frequency of or to cancel an alert.

Setting an alert for one or more jobs saves you time and makes your search easier.

Instead of having to perform a new search every day or week, you will find out about new job postings immediately.

You may even want to set up alerts for several kinds of jobs, so you can get a better sense of the employment market you’re working in.


  1. Set up an email alert for new job listings.
  2. Change the settings to get emails when it works for you.