7. Search for Jobs Activity Wrap Up

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In this activity, you created another sheet in your job guide plan to track job posts and applications.

Then, you found available jobs using Google search and other career websites.

You recorded information about each of those jobs and added a data validation list to track the progress you’ve made in each application.

When you receive an email about a new job, you can check out the listing right from your computer or mobile device.

Then, you can add the link and more details to your applications spreadsheet.

Tracking your applications and interviews on a spreadsheet like the one you created in this activity helps you get a better sense of the jobs available in your area and in your field.

The field may be booming, and you’ll find new jobs posted frequently.

Or, your field may be more specialized.

If you don’t find many jobs to apply for, search again using broader terms, or add more notifications about jobs in related fields.

As you submit job applications check off your progress in your spreadsheet.

Your applications sheet will help you keep track of jobs you have found, which applications are in progress, and which jobs you have applied for.

Search, spreadsheet, and notification tools like the ones you used in this activity will help make your job search more efficient and successful.

Now, move on to the next activity where you will craft a resume for 1 of the jobs you found.


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