1. Introduction to Search for Jobs

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In the last activity, you used a spreadsheet to keep track of all the tasks you’ll need to complete for your job search.

In this activity, you will perform an internet search for jobs you’d like to apply for.

You’ll explore several of those job listings and record information about them in your job search plan.

Then, you’ll set up email alerts to find out about future job opportunities.

To keep track of the jobs you want to apply for, you will add another sheet to your search plan.

In this applications spreadsheet, you will collect information about job opportunities, including the location and salary for each job, and the website where you found the listing.

You’ll create headings to organize this information, and apply formatting to make the spreadsheet easy to read.

Finally, you’ll add a dropdown list to 1 column to track the status of each of your applications.

Organizing all of this information in a spreadsheet will help you keep track of the applications you will submit.

It will also help you compare job opportunities to decide which job would be best for you.

To start looking for job listings, open a new Google search page.

In a new tabor window, go to google.com Then move on to the next video.


  1. Open a new Google Search page.
  2. Move on to the next video.