4. Add Jobs to Your Spreadsheet

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In this video, you will add jobs from your search results to your applications spreadsheet.

Check out 1 of the jobs from your search results.

Choose 1 you think you would like to apply for.

Click on the link to the listing.

Verify that each company is still accepting applications for the position.

Enter the information from the listing into the appropriate row in your Applications sheet.

Enter the position title, company name, and any notes you’d like to make about the job.

For example, if the advertisement specifies “No phone inquiries,” you may want to add this to your notes.

As you explore job listings, add additional columns for more information.

For example, you may want to note what site the job was listed on, or how to contact the employer.

Continue exploring job listings and add at least 2 more to your spreadsheet.

You could: ...read more listings from your search results...

...investigate local job boards...

...check out a newspaper website...

...or search for a particular company and view their employment site.

Enter information in the spreadsheet for each job you find.

Any time you hear about a job opening, you can record information about it in your spreadsheet and track your application status.

Using a spreadsheet to gather information helps you stay organized and focused in your job search.

By recording your search results in a spreadsheet, you can easily...

When you have added at least 4 potential jobs to your applications spreadsheet, move on to the next video where you’ll add data validation to help track the status of each application.


  1. Check out at least three postings from your Google job search.
  2. Add information about each job to your spreadsheet.
  3. Explore additional websites.