5. Add Data Validation to Track Your Progress

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In the previous video you added information about job opportunities to your applications spreadsheet.

In this video, you will add a column to track the status of each application.

You’ll do this with data validation.

Adding data validation creates a dropdown list of items in each cell, so you don’t have to type in the same data every time.

First, insert a new column and label it “Progress”.

Select a cell or column.

Then, insert a column to the right or left.

Next, highlight rows in the progress column.

Click the first cell under the header row.

Hold the mouse button and drag down the spreadsheet until you’ve highlighted fifteen or twenty rows.

Release the mouse.

Then, add data validation to these cells.

Click Data and Validation.

Change the criteria to List of items.

Enter progress levels in the list of items, each separated by a comma.

You could enter, “Have not started“, “In progress”, and “Submitted,” or, use categories of your own.

To make it easier to filter the spreadsheet, number the items in the order you will mark them.

You can use data validation in other columns, too.

For example, you could add a column for “Response” with options like “No response”, “Scheduled phone interview”, or “Got an offer”.

Or, you could add a column for interviews where you select when you’re offered a telephone or in-person interview.

Add additional rows, columns, and data validation lists as necessary.

Customize your job application spreadsheet to work best for you using the skills you learn here.

When you have added data validation to your “Progress” column, move on to the next video to set up an email alert about new job listings.


  1. Insert a new column in your "Applications" spreadsheet and label it "Progress."
  2. Select cells in the "Progress" column.
  3. Add data validation.
  4. Customize your spreadsheet so it works best for you.