3. Add Tasks to Your Plan

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In this video, you will add tasks and deadlines to your job search plan.

Then, you will change the font styles, colors, borders, and other formatting options to customize your job search plan and make it easy to read.

Finally, you will sort your spreadsheet to see which tasks you should complete first.

Take a few minutes to think about what you’ll need to do in your job search.

Perhaps you need to check the local newspaper for classified ads, or a popular job search site for opportunities.

You’ll need to write or update your resume and have someone proofread it.

Maybe you want to make a portfolio of your work.

Or, maybe you need to network to find out about available jobs in your town.

Add your tasks to your job guide plan.

Click on the first empty cell in the Task column.

Add your first task.

Use the Down arrow key to move to the next cell in the row.

If the cell is not large enough to fit all of your text, resize the column.

Hover the cursor over the line between columns in the column heading.

Click and drag the line to resize the column.

Or, reformat the text to wrap in the cell.

Text wrapping wraps the text onto multiple lines so that it fits the column.

To wrap the text, highlight the column.

Select Wrap text from the toolbar.

This way, you can read all of the text.

Type at least five tasks with deadlines.

Add notes about each task if you’d like.

Next, set a deadline for some or all of the tasks in your plan.

For example, you may want to finish your resume in 3 days or apply for at least 5 jobs over the next week.

Or, you may want to post on social media today to find out if your friends and family have leads on any jobs like the ones you’d like.

Next, customize the formatting of your spreadsheet.

Change the format of the Deadline column to Date, if Google Sheets did not update it automatically.

Highlight the cells in the Deadline column.

Select Format, Number, then Date.

Adding visual elements can help you read your spreadsheet more easily.

Change the fill colors of your headings to add visual appeal to your plan.

Highlight a single cell or a row.

Then, select a new fill color.

Change the style, color, or size of the text to make it easy to read.

Double-click to select a cell and highlight the text inside.

Or, select an entire row or column to change the text inside.

You can even fill the rows of your spreadsheet with alternating colors, to make it easier to read.

Select the entire spreadsheet.

Then, from the Format menu, select alternating colors.

Select colors you like.

Experiment with different styles, colors, and alignments until your job search plan is legible and reflects your personality.

Finally, sort your sheet by deadline so it is easy to tell which tasks you should complete first.

Highlight the Deadline column.

Then, from the Data menu, select Sort Sheet A to Z.

When you’re finished adding tasks and sorting your spreadsheet, move on to the next video to wrap up this activity.


  1. Add at least 5 tasks with deadlines to your job search plan.
  2. Change the format of the "Deadline" column to "Date."
  3. Sort the sheet by deadline.
  4. Change other formatting options if you'd like.