2. Create a Title Slide

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In the previous video you created a new presentation for your job guide.

In this video, you will create a title slide and customize the look of your presentation.

To start, click the title box.

Type a simple title for your presentation like “My Job Guide” or “How to Get a Job”.

You can change the title later if you want.

Then, add your name as the subtitle.

Next, apply a theme to your slides.

Themes are ready-made designs, or templates, you can use in your presentation.

They include different slide layouts, colors, and font styles.

Use themes to quickly add character to your presentation.

Explore the theme options.

If you don’t see the sidebar, select Slide from the menu bar and Change Theme.

Select one you like.


The theme is now applied to your presentation.

The same colors and fonts are carried throughout your presentation, even on slides with different layouts.

To change the font style on this slide, select a textbox and highlight the text inside.

Select a new font style or change the size or color.

Make sure all of the text is large and easy to read.

To move a text box, select it.

Then, click and drag the box around the slide.

To resize a text box, select it.

Hover the mouse over the sides or edges of the text box.

Then, click and drag to resize.

When you’ve finished customizing the title slide, move on to the next video to add another slide and start researching tips for finding a job.


  1. Title the first slide and add your name as the subtitle.
  2. Select a theme for your presentation.
  3. Customize your slide by changing the font styles or colors or by resizing and moving the text boxes.